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    • It is a personal area where the products you want to buy by collecting after entering our website are in bulk. Before placing your order, you can add, remove or change the number of your products in your cart. Your basket is stored even if you leave the system or when you close your internet browser and you can continue where you left off the next entry, but the relevant stock of the product will be reserved only when you complete your shopping.
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    • Our site is available within our site search engine, you just should write the name or code of the product you are looking for in the search window and press 'Search' button will be enough. This way you will have access to the product you are looking for quickly.
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    • When you give an order, you will get an information e-mail automatically. You can follow your order with your order number on “Order Tracking” section. Orders will be given to Cargo firm in 3 work days. If there will be a promotion or campaign period, this process time may change.
    • When you have a problem on or if you have suggestions for us you can call customer service (+90) 0850 360 2882. Also, you can send e-mail to [email protected]
    • is official online shopping website of AVVA brand. Fort his reason, our all products are original.
    • We work with UPS Cargo.
    • You can return the product you received without opening / destroying / destroying the packaging, without using the product within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery with the form you received. You must return the product with the product invoice.
    • When return the product, you can call a courier by calling +(90) 444 00 66 on UPS. You can send your return / exchange package to us free of charge by telling the courier that you are returning it for AVVA INTERNET with the current code 61YA32. If you want, you can also request to reach our online warehouse by delivering the product to your nearest AVVA store. (Note: Your return process will start as soon as the product reaches our online store.)
    • The product selected for exchange can be sold within the time period until the cargo reaches our return unit. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the availability of the replacement product in stock.
    • Open and check the packages that you think are damaged during shipment in front of the cargo company representative. If there is any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by attaching a report to the cargo company. Please note that after the delivery of the product, you accept that the cargo company has fulfilled its duties
    • Refund of unpacked, used, destroyed products is not accepted.
      The customer is obliged to return the product with the condition it was delivered to him/her, and to compensate for the loss of the commercial value of the product due to use.
      If the customer returns or withdraws the product, the product price will be refunded within seven (7) business days from the time we receive the returned product.
    • In cases where any opening, deterioration, breakage, destruction, rupture, usage conditions of the product and its packaging are determined and the product cannot be returned as it was delivered to the customer, the product will not be returned and its cost will not be returned.
      In case of non-compliance with the above conditions, the customer will pay shipping fee for the returned products.
    • The refunds to be made to your bank account or card will vary according to the bank you work for and will be reflected to your account within 3 business days on average. In case of delays, you should call your bank. After the "Canceled ilgili warning is issued for your order, the entire amount will be refunded to your credit card. Refunds made in installment sales are reflected to your credit card by your bank as plus balance every month.
    • There may be fitting problems since we sell clothing products. You can send your product for changing or refund in 30 days.
    • According to Customer Protection Law, you have the right of withdrawal of your order if your order has not been shipped yet. Before you get an information mail about order shipping, you should send e-mail to [email protected] and inform us. If your order has been shipped, you have the right of return your order in 30 days.