50 TL Discount For First Purchase


50 TL Discount For First Purchase

This campaign is for customers who have been member of avva.com and let e-newsletter. For beign a member now click.

Using of this code:
  • After you complate your membership, your discount code is hoşgeldin50. With this code you can earn 50 TL discount in your 250 TL and more purchase. (Your total amount of shopping bag can be 249,90 TL, you can benefit your discount code.)

  • For using your discount code, you should add your code into “Gift Vouchers” section on your cart/shopping bag.

  • Your code will be valid just for one time and it can be used just on avva.com.tr.

  • Validity date of your code is 30 (thirty) days from the day you get that code.

  • Kullanılan tüm hediye çekleri verilen siparişlerde yer alan ürünler üzerinden fiyat dağılımı yapılarak sisteme yansımaktadır. İade işlemlerinizde iade tutarınız bu işlem esas alınarak hesabınıza geçmektedir.
  • Used codes reflect into the system with price distribution of your products that are in your order. When you want refund, the system will be refunded it according to price distribution.

Note: According to your internet scanner and mail box, our mail can be dropped in your spam box. Please, check all the files in your mail box. If you are sure about the discount code was not be sent you, please contact with customer service.