• Bonus Money is a special campaign for members.
  • Bonus Money, begin to collect in your account when you give an order excluding VAT 100 TL and more.
  • Each 100 Bonus Money is equal to 1 TL.
  • For example, when you give an order excluding VAT 100 TL and more, you will get 3 TL (300 Bonus Money) with the 3% campaign.

How Can I Use My Bonus Money?

1. You can use your Bonus Money from your Member Account – Bonus Money section.

2. When you transform your Bonus Money, there will be a gift card code/discount code. You can reach this code whenever you want from  My Account – Using of Gift Card/Discount Code section.

3. You can add your discount code into ‘Gift Vouchers’ section on the cart page and you can benefit from discount.

*For checking your Bonus Money and Gift Vouchers click.


*When you transform your Bonus Money to Gift Vouchers,  You can create at least 5TL (500 Points) and up to 25 TL (2500 Points) Gift Vouchers at a time.

*Deadline of Gift Vouchers is 1 (one) month after trasformation.

*Gift Vouchers can be used just on and orders 50 tl and more.

            *If you use your Bonus Money on an order, when there is a refund, this Bonus Money is not be charged back.