AVVA performs the franchising system all over the world. AVVA franchising system provides you an entegrated service that includes sales of goods, management of franchise and all other elements. This entrepreneurship is generated to motive all your effort especially for maximizing the sales.

Our system is explained below in general terms;

General Conditions:

.Entrance fee is not required. 

.No profit is required from monthly return.

.Suggested retail price is determined from central office.

.An opening team assisting with the areas of: merchandising, visual merhandising, IT, stockroom organization, staff training.

.In the store only Avva garments are allowed to sell. 

.Avva concept store decoration should be applied as it is sent from our architect.

.After sale service is given from the sales represantatives belong to the region.



.Located in major urban shopping areas and high-end sub-urban malls.

.Retail surface area of approximately 150 to 200 m2, plus an additional 30 m2 stockroom.


** For more information please contact : [email protected], [email protected]