AVVA, which made an ambitious outlook in the fashion world by bringing a new understanding to men's clothing, created a different fashion language that reflects the spirit of stylish men in a very short time with its young, sophisticated, current and original lines.

AVVA continues to be acclaimed as a Turkish brand in world fashion, and with its original designs and quality approach, it soon became one of the most important brands in the Turkish textile industry.

AVVA, which has grown steadily in the field of merchandising with its reputation and commercial success in the world since the establishment of AVVA in 2000, is directing men's fashion at 127 outlets in total with 83 stores at home and 44 abroad.

Today, AVVA, which has stores in Germany, Romania, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Libya, has over 600 sales points in America and is a registered trademark in 120 Countries, meets with fashion lovers in over 4000 points worldwide.


This 25-45 year-old range of fashion and trends, who prefer pieces that fit every moment of the day, adventurous, cheerful at the same time sophisticated and passionate men's clothing is telling the way.


"AVVA in every moment of life”

Adopting the smart casual style, which is the rising trend of men's fashion, AVVA aims to make men feel stylish and good, which does not restrict the area of movement in the running of daily life.




Designs suitable for every moment of the day


Attractive designs with details

Remarkable products catching season trends

Quality product concept